Rights and Obligations

All individuals shall accept and honour the rules / bylaws of the Royal Springs Golf Course and comply with the instructions of the officials of the course. NOn compliance of such instructions will be viewed seriously. Any complaint may be brought to the notice of the secretary. complaints / Suggestions may be entered by the individuals in the suggestion book kept in the office.

Effect of events beyond management control If due to the enactment of any law or issue of any directive by any government or public authority the club or any of its facilities is required to be closed the management will do its best to resist such law or directive through administrative and legal action but in the event of its failure to suceed in doing so the memberships may have to be kept in abeyance and revived subsquently. No refunds will be given if such a situation arises. If due to reasons beyoud its control the management of the club is forced to curtail the activities of the club or restict the hours in respect of some activities the members will not be entitled to claim any compensation or demages.

Loss Damage or Injuries The club shall not be liable for any type of injury, damage, death or loss suffered by the users of the club in the course of their visit to the club or on account of use of any faculityof the club. All users of the club are assumed to indemnify and hold harmless the ROyal Springs Golf Club and its employees for any loss or damage caused by or resulting from their bonafide acts.

Pets Dogs or other pets are not allowed on the golf course or in the club house.

Vehicles No vehicle of any kind other than those belonging to the golf course shall be allowed beyond the designated parking area of the club.

Suspension of Play Normal playing of golf may remain suspended for a few days to facilitate the conducting of golf tournaments / events from time to time.

Attire It isexpected that all users of the club facilities will be dressed in a fashion befitting the atmosphere of the club. Dress in the lounge area may be casual but may be designated from time to time by the club management for special occasions and functions.

Out Station Playing Rights

Out station playing rights facility will be granted to those having lifetime playing rights with following proviso

  • Individual asking for such facility should have been an active player using the golfing facility regularly and should have retained playing rights for one year before making suh request.
  • Request for absentee playing rights would not be considered for a period of less than 6 calendar months.
  • Maximum period of absentee will be for five years.
  • Individual will pay absentee subscription @ 50% of the normal subscription.

The managing committee will lay down the local rules for the course which all users of the course will be bound to follow. It will also lay down by-laws to regulate the use of various facilities such as club house, lockers, refreshment points, restaurant, pro shop, carts and timings etc

The RSGC governing body may at its descrition change or ammend any rule or system of the club.