The day to day management of affairs and concerns of the Royal Springs Golf Course will rest with the management committee whose composition will be as under

  • Commr/Secretary Tourism : Cheif Executive of the Committee
  • Director General Tourism : Member
  • Secretary RSGC : Member Secretary

The golf Course including all facilities built there on like club house, restaurant, etc. is wholly owned and controlled by the department of tourism of the J&K Government. No person with playing rights shall have any kind of rights in the property, finance, management, and affairs of the golf course.

The Golf Course has been developed on international standards to identify Kashmir as a world class golfing destination. It is intended to be used essentially as a pay and play course. Hence only limited playing rights are being granted. The playing rights shall not be transferable or inheritable.

The control over the management etc will always be with the State Government as set out herein. In the event of inability to play or use the golf course for a minimum specified period of time for any reason by an individual having lifetime playing rights, his/her playing rights are liable to be cancelled after the issuance of due notice and the entry fee shall be forfeited.