The Disciplinary Committee

Shall comprise senior golfers, low handicappers and representatives of various sections of golf. The disciplinary committee shall be recommend/ decide the situation as and when it arises in preview of the Golf rules and recommend the same to Chief Executive RSGC. The committee shall have only the recommending role.

If a complaint has been made that may warrant disciplinary action, then a Disciplinary Committee made up of Club Members shall be convened.

The Disciplinary Committee shall comprise a minimum of six members. If a member of the Disciplinary Committee, resigns, otherwise becomes unable to or cannot complete his or her duties, the Chief Executive RSGC shall have the power to appoint another member in his or her place.

Any member of the Disciplinary Committee declaring a conflict of interest in relation to a particular matter under consideration shall be excluded from the proceedings.

No Disciplinary hearing may take place without a quorum of three members.

The Disciplinary Procedure

A complaint, in writing or through SMS from any source, against a member/staff, alleging inappropriate conduct, will be considered in the first instance by the Secretary of RSGC. In the case of minor issues the Club Secretary should do his/her utmost to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

If the Secretary RSGC is unable to resolve the issue and decides there is a formal disciplinary case to be made, the Secretary RSGC will be responsible for bringing the case formally before the Disciplinary Committee. The case will be written up giving details of the alleged offence; any written evidence will be attached; together with a list of witnesses who may be asked to give evidence on the matter.

The Secretary RSGC shall inform any member against whom a complaint has been made of the grounds of complaint enclosing any supporting information or written evidence with documents the complaint and shall invite that member to make written representation/Appearance before the committee, all within a reasonable time-scale not exceeding 14 days.

If the member fails to appear before designated period an extension of three days shall be given.

In both the cases whether the erring member appears before the committee or not, the disciplinary committee shall submit the report/recommendations to the chief executive RSGC.

The Disciplinary Committee will normally consider a complaint fully before any question of suspension arises but, where a complaint is related to a serious breach of the rules of the Club, a power to suspend forthwith a Member�s playing rights and/or related activities may be exercised by the chief executive as soon as the complaint is received. Such suspension will last until the formal hearing of the matter by the Disciplinary Committee which will take place no more than 14 days from the beginning of the period of suspension.

The decision of the chief executive RSGC will be conveyed in writing to both the Member, and any person or persons who initiated the complaint, within 7 days of the decision being made.

The decision of the Chief executive RSGC shall be deemed as final.

Penalties and Retribution

All complaints and charges are to be graded with one being the lightest grading and the most serious.The secretary RSGC is required to determine the grading of the offence. The grading allocated will determine the action to be taken and the potential penalty a player may receive. Therefore consistency of grading across offences is important and it is a requirement that records are kept to support the grading process.

On some occasions, the secretary RSGC may not recommend a grading because of the seriousness of an incident and may automatically refer the charge to the Disciplinary Committee.


  • Bad language.
  • Improper treatment of equipment, including throwing of clubs on greens etc.
  • Use of club other than within the intentions of the game e.g. damaging trees with clubs etc.
  • Ill-mannered behaviour.
  • Non repair of the divots/pitch marks on a golf course.
  • Misuse of carts while playing at RSGC.
  • Non obeying of the club notices issued from time to time.
  • Non compliance to the marshal�s directions while playing on golf course other than the tournament.


  • If there is no report of previous offences any one of the following process will be adopted:
    • Verbal warning with notice on file;
    • Written warning issued to the member;
    • Penalty of suspension recommended by Disciplinary Committee;
  • If the next incident is of repetitive nature a penalty of Rs 5000 and suspension of playing rights for one week could be awarded.
  • If the incident is of third time suspension of playing rights for 6 months could be awarded.
  • If the minor offence is of repetitive nature and occurring fourth time, termination of the membership of the member could be done.

The day to day management of affairs and concerns of the Royal Springs Golf Course will rest with the management committee whose composition will be as under


Behaviour bringing the club into disrepute i.e.

  • Theft
  • Excessive or offensive bad language.
  • Verbal abuse or threatening behaviour to another player/staff.
  • Intentional breaking of the clubs during play.
  • Non payment of the dues after usage of the various facilities of the club.
  • Breaching entry Gate without payment or Deptt./Guests.
  • Carrying other than RSGC caddies.


If no previous offences, any one of the following process will be adopted depending on the seriousness of the offence:

  • Written warning issued to member;
  • Penalty of suspension as recommended by the Disciplinary Committee.
  • Penalty of expulsion as determined by the Disciplinary Committee.

If the offence is considered serious, or there are other recent offences, then a step can be passed (offence up gradation) at the wisdom of the Chief Executive, RSGC.


  • Fails to uphold the traditions and etiquette of golf and which may bring the game of golf or RGC into disrepute, i.e. bad behavior and display of negligence towards the reputation of RSGC like giving irresponsible statements to press/postings in social media.
  • Displays conduct which is likely to injure or discredit the reputation of RGC or any of its members or violate or disregards the Rules or by-laws of RSGC or any regulations pursuant to them;
  • Commits a serious breach of the Rules of Golf as laid down by Royal and Ancient (R&A) Rules Ltd, a serious or persistent breach of RSGC Competition Conditions and/or Local Rules;
  • Conducts themselves in a violent, abusive, bullying, harassing or intimidating manner;
  • Has falsified any handicap, membership or entry forms; is under the influence of drink or drugs on the golf course and/or acting in an inappropriate manner in or around the club or on any RSGC activity.
  • Assault of a player, official, member, guest or member of the public
  • Sexual or verbal harassment.
  • Misbehaviour and verbal abuse with RSGC staff.
  • Playing without payment or having membership.


Depending on the seriousness of the offence any one of the following actions may be adopted;

  • Written warning issued to member.
  • Penalty of suspension recommended by Disciplinary Committee;
  • Penalty of expulsion as recommended by the Disciplinary Committee.
  • Playing without payment or having membership shall be liable for registration of FIR for tress-passing.

Step 1 will only be taken if the offence is of a lesser scale otherwise a penalty of suspension will usually be imposed.

Decision on the recommendation of DC

The decision of the Chief Executive RSGC based on the recommendations of the disciplinary shall be conveyed by Secretary RSGC in writing to both the members and any person/persons who initiated the complaint within 7 days of the demission being made.


A member wishing to appeal against a decision of or penalty imposed by Chief Executive RSGC shall lodge his/ her appeal in writing with the Chief Executive a week of the date of the letter of notification of the decision of chief Executive RSGC.

In the event of the lodgement of an appeal the following procedure will be followed:

  • I. Any penalty imposed by the Chief Executive shall remain intact till final outcome of the appeal
  • II. Secretary RSGC can appeal chief executive RSGC for reviewing of the recommendation /decision of Chief Executive RSGC of disciplinarily Committee after receiving the appeal in written from the member.
  • III.The Chief Executive RSGC shall appoint two members committee to review the appeal of the member, if required. The two members should be other than the members of the disciplinary committee.
  • IV. The chief executive RSGC shall adjudicate upon the matter taking into consideration the written or oral evidence of the relevant member and seeking such further evidence, written or oral, as he deems fit.
  • V. The appeal committee can recommend cancellation, reduction, confirmation or increase of penalty of a different from to Chief Executive RSGC.


If the member is not satisfied with the decision of the appellate authority he/ she can appeal to Board of Governors (BOG) RSGC to review the decision of the appealed authority.

During the period of the appeal review the decision accorded by the chief executive RSGC as recommended by the disciplinary committee/Appeal Committee shall remain intact.