About Royal Springs Golf Course

The most scenic Golf course in a natural environnment created against the dramatic backdrop of zabarvan mountains at chashma shahi, the Royal Springs.These springs were the source of soft sweet water, prized by the mughal emperor Jehangir, around which he built exquisite walled garden-the chashma shahi. The legendary garden overlooks the Golf course which contains four of the Royal springs. Golf at Royal springs, srinagar is a truly transcending experience for the golfer and nature lover alike..

About the Course

The state government undertook the laying out of the Royal Springs Golf Course in 1987 - 88 under the Special Assistance Programme of the Prime Minister. M/S Robert Trent Jones II, the worlds renowned golf course designers were appointed as consultants. The course was commissioned in September, 2001 and the Club Building in 2002. It has been developed with the intention to give boost to tourism industry in general and to attract high spending tourists to the valley in particular.

This 18 Hole golf course with practice fairways of approximately 225 mts. length has 3 lakes, two marshes, underground sprinkler irrigation system, comfort stations, rain shelters, full fledged maintainence complex, a club house, and about 8 and half Km long cart path. The course is spread over and area of 100 hacteres of land with following broad land management breakup.

Native Marsh (Preserved)08 Acres
Native Forests (Preserved)08 Acres
Lakes07 Acres
Tree Planting and Landscaped Native Land76 Acres
Golf Course with manicured grass130 Acres
Club House and Sorroundings07 Acres
Nursery10 Acres
Other Areas Fruits, Plants and Wilderness Zones

The Fairways are about 50 to 60 mts wide with crowns, mounts, features and vary in length from 160mts to 530mts The total length of 6450mts, consists of 4 Par fives, 10 par fours, and 4 Par three holes. Hazard areas are in shape of beautiful lakes, natural marshes, bunkers and features make the course interesting and challenging, in accodance with the international championship standards. All the Par 5 and Par 4 holes have beed designed in such a way that they are "dog legs" turning to the right or to the left. A golfer will require to have authoritative control on both his "fade" and "draw" if he has to score well on this tough course. He would require to have distance off the Tee accuracy in approach shots and precision while putting. He has to be at his best in both short as well as long game. As a true RTJ course, it is able to test the golfing abilities of the best golfers in the world.


Play starts at long par 5 bordering a lake. An easy par 3 and a tricky par 4 which looks straight forward enough but is perhaps the most difficult hole on the course.

Having summoned this challenege the golfer may feast his eyes on the downhill fifth par 3 green. At the tea(the highest point on the course), the splendid vista that revels itself may take the golfer's concentration astray when it is needed the most.The 6th and 7th holes are a relief for the average golfer before the dog leg eight par 4 with its temptation to the ambitious golfer and the lakeside ninth brings him into the club house for a much needed drink.

Going out, suitably refreshed the par 5 tenth is a double dog leg across a natural marsh filled with reeds.Caution pays at this hole as well as on the next par 4 eleventh ,an itimidating strech of fairway between marsh and lake. The wicked par 3 twelve between marsh and hill side can pose serious problems from the championship tee. The par 4 thirteenth is a great relief after these challenging holes before the par 5 fourteenth which posses no problem to accurate players. The fifteenth is an easy downhill par 4 and the par 4 sixteenth too should pose no problems to accurate green readers. The par 4 needs seventeenth needs a correct drive from the tee and its green demands putting control. The long eighteenth requires all the skills in the golfers bag from the championship tee. A long accurate drive followed expert Iron-play. The lake to the right after the fairway extends all the way to the green. Loose shots means lost balls.


Royal spring is located adjacent to a 5-star hotel and a convention center.The place of a former Maharaja of kashmir, now a 5 star hotel is in close vacinity, as are a number of tourist cottages. The magnificent ruins of Pari mahal built by Dara shikoh, son of the mughal empror Shah jahan dominate the landscape from all angels but are seen t particular advantage ascending the fourteenth fairway. Not least of the attrractions is the club Building itself, built in a style reminiscent of old kashmiri architecture with seperate wings for the locker rooms and other facilities

Hundreds of rolling acres

The Royal springs Golf course at srinagar is one of the most scenic spots in kashmir,the enchanting valley.

The course designed by robert Trent Jones-II has taken full advantage of the undulating foot spurs of the zabarwan mountains that descends onto the shores of the famed dal lake. The 18 holes, 6445 meters course at a par of 72, offers a chalenge to all levels of players. Robert trent jones-II has crafted out of the natural setting a combination of aesthetic delight and golfing pleasure that would be hard to equal anywhere around the globe.

Heavenly delight for the golfer

Royal spring is spread over nearly 300 acres of rolling hills,natural marsh, native decidious forest,lakes and wilderness. Don't be surprised if you spot the rare hangul lurking in the thickets.A wide variety of bird life can be spotted on the course.

The airway are turfed with cool weather grass of differentshades. Rye, Kentucy Blue and tall fescues have been cultivated across the course.The greens have Bent grass. wild flowers bordering many trees,lend a touch of colour through out the golfing season.

The best season to be at Royal springs

Royal springs golf course presents you with an ideal year round climate for leisurely enjoyment and a unique golfing eperience. How ever if one wishes to be at the course in its pristine beauty, the best time is from April to September.